Wiki vs Blog

What is a Blog?

A blend of the word, web log, a blog is a type of website that is maintained by an individual that includes regular entries, may also include graphics and video, and encourages commentary on posted content.

What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a website that is a collaborative effort by site visitors and encourages editing and updating of content.

What is the difference?

The main difference is how each tool organizes web content and the number of authors and contributors.

Blogs generally have one administrator, who may grant various levels of permission to other authors, whereas wikis have a platform that encourages multiple authors.

Blog entries are arranged in the order they are posted with the most recent entry first; wikis contain shared content that can be arranged as desired.

Blogs utilize discussion by posting of comments which can be approved and/or moderated by the administrator; wikis allow discussion anywhere on the pages, though some templates have a forum page.

What is the purpose of using this technology in the classroom?

  • Supports planning, and critical thinking skills
  • Facilitates collaboration and shared authorship
  • Provides practice in peer editing and reviewing
  • Deters plagiarism by showing process
  • Engages and motivates students
  • Provides practice in validating information
  • Prepares students for college and career
  • Meets common core standards for production and distribution of writing

How can I use this in my teaching?
  • Collaborative learning
  • Electronic portfolios
  • Online journal
  • School newspaper
  • Posting assignments and lessons
  • Posting for discussion and reflection

What is your experience with blogs and wikis?


  1. I follow a couple of blogs- and I have participated in a summer workshop where we learned to contribute to a Chemistry wiki; the goal is to develop an online text book from multiple perspectives.

  2. I have a professional wiki linked to the Leyden webpage. I have so far used it more as a webpage and less like a wiki, but I hope to increase its interactivity in the months to come.

  3. I have experience with keeping a personal blog, but I had trouble updating and posting new topics. I want to learn how to incorporate blogs and wikis into my English classroom. I am wondering how it works in a school where there is limited computer access.

  4. online textbook sounds like a terrific idea for students! Would this be something that students would create or is this a collaborative project that would be constructed by teachers?

  5. My experiences with blogs have been positive. Students take pride with publishing their thoughts online. Also, it forces the kid whom is silent in the back of the class to participate. I would like to incorporate wikis as a means for completing collaboration essays or projects.

  6. I have a Wiki linked to my Leyden home page. It serves more as a reference page. I have not used blogs in my classes.

  7. I used a blog for the first time this semester and I am hoping to use these lunch and learn sessions to broaden my use of the blog and make it more prominent in my classroon. I want to link science advances and technology to my units and expand the walls of my classroom.

  8. @Hina..that is a marvelous perspective Hina. I'll do whatever I can to assist you in creating a really cool science blog. (look at some of the sample blogs and wikis on the sidebar)

  9. @Catherine..Wikis are actually a great host for your professional accomplishments, i.e., online portfolio. I posted a few language blogs, take a browse...

  10. @Jason..your a trailblazer Mr. Orna! We'll be creating wikis on thursday and friday.

  11. @Courtney, we're going to create blogs tomorrow, so let me help you with any difficulties you may have.


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